SANIMA C purlins are specially designed and developed for purlin girt application, which not only provide economy to the building construction, but also help in keeping the site clean and environment friendly.

SANIMA C purlins sections are accurately roll-formed from high strength zinc-coated steel, pre-punched to the required dimensions to provide an efficient, lightweight, economical purlin and girts.
These products are suitable for roof and wall support and portal framing up to a certain span.
The system, which includes bridging and a comprehensive range of accessories, is supplied as ready for erection.



Available thickness 1.6 mm/2.0 mm
Tensile Strength 450 Mpa(Mn)
‘C’ 100 x 50 x 15 (2.0 mm)
150 x 65 x 16 (2.0 mm)


Commonly used for warehouse and building Projects could also be used for domestic and commercial purposes such as houses, showrooms.

Tailor-made to the exact size you need so that you spend only for your requirement.


Catalogue ID Diemnstions Area Mass Per Unit Length
D B L T mm² kg/m
mm mm mm mm
C10016 100 50 15 1.6 344 2.76
C10020 100 50 15 2.0 430 3.44
C15020 150 65 16 2.0 590 4.72
C15025 150 65 16 2.5 738 5.88
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Sanima is specializes in providing quality customized Civil / Steel Construction, pre Engineered/Fabricated Steel Building, Roofing, Cladding and Gutter solutions to the project/industrial, commercial and domestic sectors in Sri Lanka.

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